Centre for Analysis of World Arms Trade


Materials highlighted blue are for subscribers only

Monitor weekly magazine

The Centre for Analysis of World Arms Trade (CAWAT) offers interested subscribers the Monitor weekly magazine.

The magazine has been published on a weekly basis since November 2009. Editions of the magazine from November 2009 until February 2010 inclusively are open for public access so that potential subscribers may decide whether they want to enter the subscription. Materials, published from November 2009 until February 2010, were integrated into monthly periodicals for convenience of potential subscribers. The latest monthly edition, published in March, was available for subscribers only. Starting from April 2010 subscribers will get the Monitor magazine as a weekly periodical.    

The Monitor magazine promptly covers all issues, pertaining to the world arms trade, main events in the field of defence cooperation, defence budgets, and arms development programmes.

The Monitor magazine carries real-time materials, which are translations of articles from specialised foreign publications, materials of foreign think-tanks professionally dealing with arms trade, data posted on websites of defence ministries of various foreign states, as well as information provided by foreign news agencies and websites, concerning defence cooperation. Materials for the Monitor magazine are sought for and selected based on a systematic monitoring of the entire range foreign mass media (printed, electronic editions, websites). General, several hundred foreign mass media are monitored on a daily basis.

In addition to that the magazine includes materials on defence cooperation, which are revised and amended reports, published by Russian mass media, as well as CAWAT’s own materials.

The entire scope of materials, published in each Monitor magazine, is divided into the following several subject-focused sections: military aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, rotary-wing aircraft, naval materiel, air defence/missile defence systems, armour, and Army weapons. The final section of each edition provides data on defence budgets, general arms modernisation programmes, defence industries, etc.   

Materials, included in each section, are published in the order they are received. A subscriber can enter a relevant section and see the material posted by clicking on the corresponding headline when scrolling through the contents of the edition.

The test mode of operation has demonstrated that each weekly edition of the Monitor magazine will cover about 35 to 40 pages (potential subscribers can review the contents and the capacity of magazines, posted in the public area).

CAWAT positions the Monitor magazine as a reference publication necessary for real-time practical work.